Algarve Surf & Yoga Retreat Portugal

5-7 day fully inclusive surf and yoga programmes !


      Practice yoga in the morning and evening, enjoying clean ocean air.

      Breathe in the essential life force that surrounds and sustains us all.

      Relax and revitalise the body, mind and spirit with yoga surf and nature.


                         The Algarve Surf and Yoga Retreat Algarve Portugal

                                   "A very unique yoga and eco surf retreat ''  



                        Imagine..... Yoga daily. To energise the mind, body and soul

                        Imagine..... Peace, quiet and tranquility all flowing with nature

                        Imagine..... A Unique Surf Experience. Surfing beautiful waves


                                             Imagine no more...


                                 Tipi Valley Surf and Yoga Retreat Portugal 

                                                 ' an ecological alternative'  






                      Surfing and Yoga - the ideal combination !


At Algarve Surf & Yoga Retreat we combine yoga and surfing. These two  disciplines compliment each other in both beauty and purpose. By harnessing the energy within ourselves and nature, we find our surfing improves, our outlook on life is elevated and through yoga, our sense of the here and now is heightened and our mind, body and spirit are in perfect harmony.

                 Accommodation at the Surf & Yoga Retreat

The Algarve Surf & Yoga Retreat is a tented, organic and eco friendly camp. Simple accommodation and a "homespun " rustic style, give our seasonal retreat its essential charm. The yoga retreat lies hidden away in an untouched valley, surrounded by native, cork oak trees and our own organic vegetable gardens. A nearby river follows the valley and spills out to our local surfing beach.

             Portugal's first specialised surf and yoga retreat

At our surf and yoga retreat we rarely have more than 10 guests at any one time. This low impact form of social contribution ensures greater privacy as well as a very personalised and intimate stay.

By visiting the Algarve Surf and Yoga Retreat you are directly contributing and supporting The Algarve Surf and Ecological Association. (ASEA)



                                 Welcome to Surf Algarve Portugal !

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